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  • Artist: Costanza Francavilla
  • Release Year: 2013
  • Genres: Ambient
  • Catalog Number: ZK012 (Digital, Vinyl)
  • Bushwick17 is a project by Costanza Francavilla and Alex Infascelli. It’s a 17 minutes improvisation session,
    recorded in Bushwick on a Summer afternoon - with no additional edits, mixing or efx. The idea is based on both artists's obsession with the number ‘17’: the concept was to freely capture 17 minutes of their day together, without any thought before the act or any extra sound manipulation after the act. Costanza placed 2 mics on the floor in the middle of the room - facing the wall - and played synthesizers while merging herself with dreamlike vocals into ambient floating textures.
 Alex turned on a fan that was abandoned in the studio, placed the electric guitar in front of it, creating ethereal drones, and moving from guitars atmospheres to abruptly exploding yet sultry drums patterns. The result is an hypnotic sonic journey into an indefinite condition of space and time.
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