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BUY ALBUMUltimo Domicilio
Ultimo Domicilio
  • Artist: Emanuele de Raymondi
  • Release Year: 2014
  • Genres: Experimental
  • Catalog Number: ZK013 (Digital / Vinyl)
  • 'Ultimo Domicilio' (The Last Domicile) is a work by Italian composer Emmanuele de Raymond - in collaboration with photographer Lorenzo Castore - about 5 "domiciles". Each home photographed by Castore - Finale (Italy), Fontenay (France), Brooklyn (United States), Sarajevo (Bosnia) and Krakow (Poland) - has a strong connection to stories of exile and war in European history. De Raymondi's music finds its place between chamber music and avant-garde, using piano, guitars and samplers. Through the images of Castore, De Raymondi creates a highly evocative path in which the 5 domiciles become sonic places.
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